Downtown Beautification

A Beautiful Downtown is a Successful Downtown. 

Why Beautify?

Community Attachment
According to a Knight Foundation study, the three main factors that lead to people loving their city and wanting to stay are: Social Offerings, Openness, and Aesthetics. How a place is presented visually has a direct impact on the level of community pride. By investing in beautification, we are building community attachment for locals and for visitors.

Beautification makes a clear statement: “Someone cares about this place.”  We know that people feel safer when they are in a place that is taken care of, and cared for. When a storefront, or a city block is run down or blighted, it naturally feels unsafe. Some studies even show that a beautiful environment can actually alter behavior.

Of course, one of the strongest arguments in favor of beautification is that it is just a good investment. Beautifying the neighborhood is an important step in achieving the goals of increased traffic, more sales, increased business recruitment and a more successful Downtown Santa Cruz.


Downtown Planter Box Program
Sponsored by the Santa Cruz Economic Development Department

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