Erin Lampel – Cat.Cloud.Companion

“Being a woman business owner for me is all about balancing my home life with running a business. Since becoming a mother, I can no longer be the “go getter/logging crazy hours person”  I always thought I was in the past. Now I have to think a little more logically! Its changed my outlook on how I run my business model and how important it is to find that balance that works. I think my employees see me as a mother and I hope I’m able to show my team at Companion that there is a balance of not only being a strong business woman, but also a nurturing side to running a business as well. In some ways I think of my employees as team mates, but also I think of them as my own children in a way, and I care for them and need them all at the same time! Becoming a parent and running a business has taught me to take a deep breathe and embrace the chaos.”

– Erin Lampel

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