Fybr brings Bamboo to Downtown

The 1500 block of Pacific Avenue has come alive with some great new shops and is quickly becoming quite a shopping destination. Just north of long time favorite Bookshop Santa Cruz, the opportunities are abundant and exciting. Bhody has an artfully curated selection of unique products from around the world, each with meaningful and fascinating stories. Of course Touque Blanche (formerly Chefworks) is a dream for every chef from the beginner to the star. Miss Jessie May’s and Judi Wyant each provide ample opportunity for finding treasure and of course the Sockshop remains a favorite Santa Cruz institution and perhaps the best place to get a gift for (fill in the blank).

New this month to the block are 3 great new shopping destinations. Fybr, Capulet, and the anticipated Lululemon Pop up.

Kamala introduces the new store to her neighbor David, from Chocolate.

We had a chance to welcome Kamala Florio Allison, the inspiration behind, and owner of Fybr at 1528 Pacific Ave and ask her a few questions about the new spot.

DTSC: What is Fybr? 
Kamala: Fybr is a new apparel and home store specializing in bamboo and other eco-friendly textiles. Our mission is to inspire and promote and eco-conscious lifestyle that doesn’t sacrifice luxury and comfort. Bamboo is a renewable resource and the fabric is ultra-soft, naturally breathable, and hypoallergenic. All of our products have a story- from organic bamboo baby clothes, to bags made from recycled billboard vinyl, to jewelry made by women freed from sex-trafficking. We also are excited about partnering with local artisans to bring their unique products into our store.
DTSC: What product are you especially excited about this week?
Kamala: This week we’re especially excited about our bamboo sheets! They are SO soft and beautiful and it is AMAZING to crawl into them every night. Once you go bamboo, you don’t go back!
DTSC: What do you think makes this store a good fit for Downtown Santa Cruz?
Kamala: We’re locally owned and operated, we care about people and the planet, we offer a unique and inviting atmosphere, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. For downtown shoppers, we pride ourselves in having something for everyone.
DTSC: What’s something that people don’t know about bamboo that they should? 
Kamala: People may not know that bamboo is more than just a fast growing, renewable resource. Bamboo is naturally antimocrobial and pest-resistant so it requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow, unlike cotton which accounts for 24% of the world’s insecticide market. Additionally bamboo requires much less water to grow- cotton requires thousands more gallons of water to yield the same amount.


Stop in and welcome Kamala to Downtown Santa Cruz and discover the amazing world of bamboo fabric.

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