Live Downtown

Living Downtown is living right. 

Downtown Santa Cruz just may be the perfect place to live for your lifestyle. conveniently located in the cultural center of the region, with markets, restaurants, shopping and lots of community just blocks from your door.

With the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District’s hub located right here in Downtown, on the rare occasion you need to leave downtown, living car-free is easy. With a “walk score” in the high 90’s, walking in Downtown Santa Cruz is not only convenient, it’s enjoyable. The San Lorenzo River Walk is at your back door, with great paths for walking or biking from Downtown to the Beach, or up to the Tannery Arts Center.

In short, living in Downtown Santa Cruz gives you the best of many worlds. The Vibrancy, culture, and convenience of contemporary urban living, surrounded by a natural environment like no other.

Housing available

Housing is hard to find anywhere in the Bay Area, and Santa Cruz is far from an exception. Yet there are some great housing options to match a range of incomes, with many more housing projects on the way. Here are a few to get you started on your way to coming home, in Downtown Santa Cruz.

St. George Apartments

Find a great realtor to help find your home in Downtown Santa Cruz.

Resources for Residents:

SC Neighbors

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