Melanie Dion – Cardinal Construction

Downtown: Why did you decide to start your business downtown? How did you get here?

Melanie: I had other offices and about four years ago I started working downtown. It’s close to everything. It’s easy for clients to come and meet me here. I have enough space, parking’s always available. I just like kind of being in the middle of the mix of everything and I’ve built a couple of stores downtown, so it’s nice to be part of the community. That’s what I like about it.

Downtown: What are your favorite things you do everyday in your business?

Melanie: I love having something to show for my work at the end of the day. There is something very satisfying about building beautiful homes and stores for clients. I’m so lucky to work with clients who appreciate our work, our attention to detail and our high level of quality. My favorite part is watching the project come together and later running into the owners in town, when they tell me how much they are still enjoying their new space.

Downtown: How do you think being a woman business owner changes how you do business?

Melanie: Well, most of my clients are women. If it’s a husband/wife team that called me to ask me to do some work, it’s always the woman that’s making the choices, that’s paying the bills that’s driving the project and I think it makes them more comfortable for them to be able to talk to me and ask any questions. And I learned construction from the office side where a lot of the guys have learned construction from the field side. I learned the business side of it first, which I think helps me keep in contact, keep good communication, keep up on the lead times for items that are arriving and things like that. So I learned it a different way than most guys learned construction.


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