Noëlle Antolin – Lupulo Craft Beer House

Downtown: Why did you decide to start your business downtown? How did you get here?

Noëlle: Lupulo came out of a desire between me and my partner to see a hub for craft beer and a community in Santa Cruz where we could showcase the talents in the growing beer scene. For us it was really about community meeting, good beer and meeting good food.

Downtown: How does your business reflect you as a person or a woman?

Noëlle: So for me, Lupulo isn’t really just a beer place. It’s not just a tap house or restaurant. It really is a community gathering place. because of my interest and my background in environment and education, it’s really dear to me to provide a place for people to gather around the things that are important to them. So I feel very proud about what we created when I see groups of educators coming to celebrate the end of a long school year or a community members rallying to raise funds for a nonprofit that’s doing great work or if there’s a great artist up and coming artists who showcasing their work at First Friday for me, that’s what is most fulfilling and I think important in our town.

We’d been living in this community as home-brewers and involved in so many different things really made my partner and I want this hub for people to come together and we also didn’t feel like at the time there was a particular place that was showcasing all of the amazing beer that was coming out of existing breweries and up and coming breweries. And we really wanted to be the place to showcase the best of those craft beers.

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