Santa Cruz Police Department – Emergency 911, Non- Emergency 471-1131

Reporting crime is one of the best ways of preventing future crime. When you take action, it shows the community that criminal behavior will not be tolerated. The Downtown Association encourages you to call the police whenever you see illegal behavior, and to follow up with SCPD. You can ask the police to call you after they have taken action. This way, you know that the police have responded, without any danger of identifying you as the one who reported the crime.

SCPD Dispatch prioritizes calls, so do not hesitate to report any crime, regardless of the degree of severity. If we as a Downtown want a safer community, we need to be willing to take action and follow through to hold the offenders accountable.
The SCPD Sargent for Downtown is Michael Harms.

To anonymously report a crime, call the Downtown Tip Line at 420-5974.
To report items abandoned on the sidewalk, call the Police Dept Lost and Found at 420-5900.

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