Valerie Moselle and Lynda Meeder – Luma Yoga and Wellness Center

Downtown: How do you nurture community downtown?

Valerie: Oh, that’s mine.. One of the things we love about being in business at, Luma is that we get to reach out to other businesses downtown and interact with all the different clients, and customers and people who are hungry, who come downtown to do whatever they do and, they come here and we get to be sort of a touchstone or a dropping in place. And so we feel very engaged with the community and we feel like the events that we host and the businesses that we work with are all people who can use our services and benefit from our services while we’re downtown.

Downtown: How do you create community?

Valerie: We create community by offering services to anyone who lives or works downtown. Anyone, all ages, all lifestyles. We want to welcome everyone into our center.

Downtown: What are your favorite things you do everyday in your business?

Lynda: I think one of the things that the richest experience for me is creating long-term relationships. So you know, that sense of community comes by working with families and then seeing them benefit from the services, the wellness services we have and then having ongoing relationships and watching them grow and change and feel supported and the fun, the fun of that sense of when we come here, we know our, we know our people and they’re happy to be here and there’s nothing better than hearing that. I mean, one of, one of the quotes we hear over and over again is I don’t know what I would do with Luma.

Valerie: It’s like a great big extended family. Yeah, it’s like a giant extended family.



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