Downtown Transportation Resources

What does it mean to live in a walkable community? 

Downtown serves so many people in so many ways. For some it is a place to come and shop, for others it is a place to meet friends for lunch, for some it is the entertainment district and for many, it is all of that. Then there are the thousands of people who work downtown almost every day, for many hours, and the people who live downtown and almost never leave. For as many different ways our Downtown serves, there are equally different transportation needs. Convenient, accessible parking for customers is needed to support retail. Affordable long term parking and reasonable public transportation options are needed to support the Downtown workforce. Safe bike options and car share programs are needed for locals and Downtown residents.

As the Downtown grows and caters to more people and more uses, so must the transportation options. The Downtown Association is committed to advocating for a mix of effective and accessible transportation option for all of Downtown’s uses.

Here are some great local transportation resources:

Commute Solutions by the SCCRTC or (831) 429-POOL

Metro Trip Planning by Santa Cruz Metro or (831) 425-8600

Employer Sustainable Transportation Services by Ecology Action or (831) 426-5925

Car Share by Zipcar  or (866) 4ZIPCAR

Bicycle Resources

Santa Cruz ParkCard for secure bicycle parking in lockers or (831) 420-6100

Bike Maps from SCCRTC or (831) 460-3200