Drinks With Jane
August 16th

Santa Cruz, like so many communities, is focusing a lot of energy on housing. From the City’s Work-plan and the Chamber’s Community Leadership Visits to the 180/2020 plan and the Smart Solutions to end homelessness’ All In Plan, the question of how to effectively grow the housing stock and work to provide housing for all, seems to be at the top of many lists. Housing, and more specifically residents, will play a very important role in the success of Downtown Santa Cruz in the coming years. How new residential projects are integrated into the district will have an unparalleled effect on public safety, on local economic sustainability, on mobility and transportation and importantly on civic participation. The success of any neighborhood is in great part determined, not by who lives there, but on how we live there.

In Jane Jacob’s seminal work The Death and Life of Great American Cities, she provides a critique of, and more importantly, an alternative to the orthodox planning methodology of the day. Her ideas around diversity in use and function, about the individuality of place and about the fluidity of district boundaries and purposes, among others, have guided a way of thinking and informed planners, activists, and urbanists for generations.

Citizen Jane – Battle for the City follows Jane’s campaign against Robert Moses as his urban renewal projects spread into the neighborhoods of New York.

Today as our cities continue to grow and Santa Cruz is facing a seemingly inevitable move towards urbanization, the lessons of Jacobs seem relevant and important. The need to build more housing is undeniable and severe. We have an opportunity to build neighborhoods that are safe, equitable, sustainable, and engaged.

Join us on the 16th of August at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge for a screening of this inspiring and evocative film, followed by an informal panel discussion and community conversation.

Panelists include
Cynthia Chase: Mayor, City of Santa Cruz

Jeff Oberdorfer FAIA: Housing and Development Consultant, Former Principal Architect for City of San Jose Redevelopment Agency. Former Private practice in Santa Cruz specializing in participatory design.

Kathy Nyland: Director, City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Evan Siroky: Founder, Santa Cruz YIMBY

Admission $5
FILM starts at 5:30
CONVERSATION at 7:00 (ish)
The Bar will be open

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Tickets available here