Digital Downtown Dollars – Set To Launch This Summer

Starting June 1, 2016 we will be implementing an eGift card, managed by Instagift, to add to the Downtown Dollars program. This would be IN ADDITION to the current paper dollars version.

This new version would be completely digital. Gift recipients would hold up the e-gift card on their smart-phone, and you (the business) would redeem it directly from their device (similar to how Groupon works). They’ve created several resources to explain this program in detail.

Please review these resources, and make sure to ADD your business to the Instagift SIGN-UP form, if you’d like to participate in this program:   *INSTAGIFT SIGN-UP FORM*


1. Program Overview One Page –

2. Two-minute Redemption training Video –

3. They’ve created a mock-up. You can view it here:

4. One-page reference sheet that you can keep by your POS for redemption guidance:

5. Buy Instagift HERE


You can also email Instagift directly with questions:

Contact: Sonja Brunner, the Business Membership Coordinator at the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz: