Request For Proposal  Website Redesign

Project Overview:

The Downtown Association of Santa Cruz wishes to update its website for two primary reasons: one, to increase its functionality, and two, to reflect our recent, more modern rebranding. Developing a polished mobile site is a must. These changes, along with improved SEO, will bring an increase of visitors to our site and, in turn, an increase in visitors to the Downtown Business District of Santa Cruz. This is not an ongoing partnership; our staff should be able to update and edit the website as needed after the overhaul.  

Company Overview:

The Downtown Association of Santa Cruz is a not-for-profit organization charged with promoting the Downtown Business District and advocating for the businesses therein. The website is a crucial function of the organization and is central and essential to all of the promotions of the Downtown Association.

Our Audience:’s audience is a mix of locals looking for information about downtown events or businesses, tourists planning their stay and business members accessing specific resources. Simplicity, especially on the mobile platform, will be important so older, less tech-savvy users can access information on the go.

New Website Objectives:

The primary objective of is for the site to become a steady resource for those who are wondering what’s happening downtown. Our events calendar is the biggest draw to our website. Secondarily, our site is a directory of downtown businesses and a resource for the business owners. When new visitors come to our page, we want to showcase a vibrant image of our downtown business district while providing valuable and dependable online resources for community members and tourists.

Current Website Issues:

Our website is built on a WordPress platform, which has served us well and allowed for great flexibility and customization as well as in-house management. We are wanting to continue to use a WordPress platform, though our current theme is out of date and many of our plugins may be superfluous.

New Website Functionality Requirements:

About 60% of visitors to the website use mobile devices, so providing a clean, simple and modern mobile platform is a must. It should be easy to access our calendar, sign up for our newsletter, follow our social media platforms and navigate menus from the home page.

New Website Wish List:

  • Video on homepage slider

We are looking for a vibrant and dynamic home page that we can update with video content. Example:

  • E-commerce

We will be adding an online store to sell downtown merchandise such as tote bags, mugs, t-shirts and caps.

  • Mapping

Much of what we promote is location based and would be served well by some level of mapping. Ideally a searchable map linked to the Business Directory, so visitors could easily search for restaurants, shopping or other amenities. If mobile users could show their location on the map that would be lovely. Example:

  • Look and feel details

It will be important to incorporate the brand guidelines, including the Fonts and Colors, that we have adopted for Downtown Santa Cruz.

Proposal Requirements:

We’re not really asking for an elaborate proposal. We would like to know that this is a project you are excited about working on and are confident you can deliver within the budget.

Please include in your proposal the estimated cost of the project and amount of time it should take. We have included a proposed process, but feel free to submit your own. We would love to see relevant examples of your work.

Submission Deadline:

We will be accepting submissions through July 21st, We hope to begin work in August.

Email proposal to


The total budget for this project is $10,000.

Proposed project process:

1- Initial meeting

Your team and our team will meet and review the specifications and discuss concepts, functionality and clarify any questions. We will provide initial layout sketches and a detailed “wish list.”

2- Design concepts

You will return with proposed design concepts from which we will refine and solidify direction together.

3- Framework draft

You will return with as close to a finished site as you can get it. We will review and finalize any changes that need to be made or any questions in order to launch.

4- Finished version

You will present a final version and we will launch!

5-  Two-week review

We would like to have an opportunity to make moderate tweaks after living with the site being live for a couple of weeks.

Our Team.

In order to make this process as efficient and painless as possible, our team will be limited to 3 people and we will assign a project manager who will coordinate all communication and be your sole point of contact. Though the other team members may be involved with the meetings, you will only need to deal with one person.

Time is money.

We’re guessing this isn’t the most highly paid gig you’ve taken. But it is a good amount of our budget. We will work as hard as we can to be clear with our communication and efficient with your time in order to facilitate the best collaboration possible and produce a successful site.


Much of the content will be transferred from our existing site, and we will provide additional content as needed.

Thank you for your interest. Please direct any questions to