Shingu Delegation Visits Downtown Santa Cruz

Timed with the city’s 150th anniversary celebration, as well as the 50th anniversary of the Sister Cities Program, delegates from our Japanese Sister City, Shingu City have been visiting Santa Cruz, meeting city leaders and seeing sights. The Downtown has been a highlight for the delegates, as they have been welcomed by numerous business owners, and have enjoyed great meals and hospitality from the Food Lounge, Assembly, Lupulo, Soif and more.

Shingu, one of Santa Cruz’ five sister cities is a small coastal city in remote southern Japan on the Wakayama Peninsula, known for its beautiful historic shrines and stunning natural surroundings. Exciting student exchanges take place each spring and summer, and business and mayoral delegations are planned every other Fall. This year marks the 40th anniversary of our sister city status with Shingu.

sister city MAH

Downtown Association Executive Director, Chip, discusses and compares Downtown opportunities and challenges with Shingu City business Delegation.

Delegates represented business owners and city officials from downtown Shingu City and were very interested in learning about Santa Cruz’ business and entertainment culture. Their visit included a ceremony on stage at the city’s 150th anniversary party on the beach.