Side Street Sign Program Update

We have been working with Economic Development to “fast track” the side street signs.

The signs will be hung from the lamp posts on the corners between Cathcart and Locust, plus at Plaza Lane. After this phase is complete we will be working with the city to expand the program to the south and to the north of Pacific Ave., and we will explore effective pedestrian wayfinding for Cedar, Center and Front Streets.

The Signs will be powder coated with our Blue, and the lettering will be printed in white. Businesses have been given the option of providing a vector file with their wordmark or using our default font.

We have only received about half of the businesses artwork, and the hardware is still being shipped. We expect the signs will begin to be installed a week from Monday or so.

1) You can still provide a monochrome vector file of your word mark logo this week under the following conditions:

  • Must contain letters only, no graphic elements
  • Must be one line of text. Not stacked.
  • Sign dimensions are 3”high by 20” wide. Must fit within parameters
  • Must be legible


2) If you do not provide a vector file, your business name will be printed in a standard legible font, consistent with the Downtown Association’s branding.

Sign Street mock up title