Village Yoga
1106 Pacific Ave – 425-9642

Village Yoga first opened in Soquel on March 31, 2001. Amy Mihal and Sally Adams left their full time yoga teaching jobs from Global Yoga in San Francisco with the simple goal of sharing Bikram Yoga with the people of Santa Cruz County. ( Didn’t seem like too shabby of a place to settle down – what luck!) In September of 2004, they opened up in downtown Santa Cruz. Wanting to focus their energy in one place, they let the Soquel studio go in the fall of 2005.
Amy and Sally are eternally grateful to the people of the Village Yoga community who continue to amaze and inspire. Although our vision of seeing people bright eyed and smiling from their yoga glow was clear, we never could have imagined the profound sense of support, love and community that has developed. May the blessings of the yoga and our togetherness continue for many years!