Welcome to Downtown Santa Cruz

You know right away that you are in a special place, yet if you ask a dozen people whit it is that makes Downtown Santa Cruz so special, you’re likely to get well more than as many answers.

Aug9Some would tell you that the mix of over 100 one-of-a-kind shops with many of the big name stores you know and love, makes for one of the most exciting shopping experiences anywhere.


Of course with dozens of outstanding restaurants, each expressing its own interpretation of the bounty of agricultural, the fresh seafood from the monterey bay, the appellation of the Santa Cruz mountains, not to mention the creativity of the area’s many microbrews, one could argue that the food and beverage is the main draw.


Certainly the very location of Downtown Santa Cruz, lining the San Lorenzo River and just blocks from the world famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the municipal wharf. Downtown is surrounded by and benefits from a natural beauty with a diversity that includes the majestic California redwoods and the sanctuary of the Monterey Bay.

Play Downtown

But don’t forget the Arts and Culture. There is always something happening in Downtown Santa Cruz. The world class music scene covers more amazing sub genres than you ever knew existed. A truely remarkable wealth of local artists are showcased throughout Downtown each month as part of the First Friday Art Tour. The Museum of Art and History is not only the epicenter of the Arts but an anchor for community, right here in the center of Downtown Santa Cruz.


Experience Downtown

Whatever it is that you love about Downtown Santa Cruz, it’s hard to argue that the people are what make it so special. The people who live, work and play here all make up a shared experience that really does make our Downtown unique and wonderful.