Downtown Management Corporation

The Downtown Management Corporation (DMC) oversees the Cooperative Retail Management District (CRM), covering Pacific Avenue from Front Street to Laurel Street and the side streets off of Pacific Avenue. DMC funds and contracts the Downtown Ambassador Program, which is administered by the Downtown Association.

The DMC also supports the Downtown-Beach Trolleys, contracts with Uncle Poop’s Pet Waste Removal, and offers the Security Camera Matching Grant Program.

To fund this work for the Downtown, the DMC collects an assessment—separate and in addition to the BID assessment—based upon the linear foot frontage, lot size, and building size of the real property used for commercial or business purposes within the CRM District. Each parcel’s assessment is calculated as following a three-part formula:

  1. Linear frontage feet x linear frontage rate = linear feet assessment
  2. Lot square footage x lot square footage rate = lot assessment
  3. Building square footage x building square footage rate = building assessment.

Linear feet assessment + lot assessment + building assessment = the annual assessment

The assessment rates are calculated as follows:

The CRM assessment is charged to property owners though they often pass this cost onto the tenants. So you should be aware of these costs when assessing a potential lease agreement for a Downtown space for your business

The DMC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 3 property owner representatives, 3 business owner representatives, two City Council members and the Director of Economic Development for the City of Santa Cruz.

For more information about the DMC City Staff Business Liaison, Rebecca Unitt at 831-420-5157 or email


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