Friends of the Civic Auditorium launch renovation effort

A group of “Civic minded people” gathered this morning at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium to announce the launch of a community effort to renovate the WPA project and renew the Auditorium as the region’s premier Performance Arts and Cultural Center

The renovation plans include modern systems, new safety measures and a higher level of comfort to this historic building. A new second-story lobby will be created, including an exterior balcony area for receptions.


From its grand opening in 1940, the Civic has been home to community events ranging from the Miss California Pageant to the Senior Follies, A Gay Evening in May to City Council Candidates Forums. Many memories have been made inside the Civic over the years, as everyone remembers their favorite concert, be it Bob Dylan, or Winton Marsellas, Oingo Boingo or Buena Vista Social Club. Home to the World Renowned Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, the Santa Cruz Symphony and the Santa Cruz Ballet Theater’s annual production of the Nutcracker Ballet, The Civic has literally set the stage for so many rites of passage like graduation ceremonies, end of year dance recitals for local studios and so much more.


Today the Civic is in dire need of an update in order to remain the community asset that it has been for fo long.

Friends of the Civic Auditorium has formed to provide leadership toward that end. This morning kicks off an exciting campaign built around the belief that the Civic’s best days are yet to come.


Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium

Civic Auditorium – A Vision for the Future from Cabrillo Festival on Vimeo.


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