A Focus on Communication

I have noticed a recurring theme come up when discussing our goals, tactics and priorities for the Downtown Association. In all of the work we are doing, from our marketing and promotions, to our advocacy and government affairs, to membership outreach and strengthening our community partnerships, the success and efficacy of all our work is dependent on good communication.

Here are a just a few of the ways we are striving to increase our communication efforts:

Member Events

Beginning with our upcoming meet and greet on Feb. 23 at Hidden peak Tea House, the Downtown Association Board of Directors will be partnering with various Downtown businesses to host monthly member events. These events will provide a great forum to continue to know your fellow business members, who they are, what they do and how we can all work together to strengthen the business community. These events will also feature information about projects, programs, issues and opportunities that affect you in the Downtown.

Government and Community Affairs

Having a strong unified voice with local and state legislative representatives has always been a goal of the Downtown Association. The Board of Directors and staff of the Downtown Association is increasing our efforts to connect with policy makers and government officials to insure that our members concerns are understood and represented. Our February Board meeting provided a productive and very informative conversation with District Attorney, Jeff Rosell. In the coming weeks we will be meeting with Sheriff Hart, Assemblymember Stone, and State Senator Bill Monning. We have also increased our own education efforts initiating meetings with community leaders and service providers. Just in the past two weeks, Downtown Association Representatives have had productive and educational meetings with folks from Encompass Services, United Way, Homeless Service Center, and have many more planned. It is through strong communication that we are able to represent and manage Downtown issues with our community partners.

Downtown Rebrand

Finally we are very excited about communicating the message of Downtown Santa Cruz to the world. After engaging in a 6 month long, community process to develop a brand message for Downtown Santa Cruz, We are now working with HZDG to translate that message into a new Brand for Downtown Santa Cruz. HZDG, with the creative Direction of Ted Holladay, is leading a project that will involve a diverse group of local designers to create the ideal image for Downtown Santa Cruz. The Downtown Identity Project was an ambitious undertaking in which we set out to hear from a range of community members about what aspects of Downtown resonate. Now we will determine how to best communicate our collective vision of this place to the world.

Communication Device

If you were to think about all of the  communication devices you use on a daily basis, I expect you could easily name several, your phone, your email, several social media platforms, texting. When you add the ways you communicate as a business, the list becomes quite long. I would like to remind you to keep the Downtown Association on that list, and remember that Communication is not just talking, and more than it is just listening. By being engaged with the Downtown Association, we can present a stronger community, and the sum of our parts, as the saying goes, will be much greater than the whole. After all, isn’t that the point of a community?

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