World Of Stones & Mystics


Henry Pikoos is the owner of World of Stones & Mystics, located at 835 Front Street since 2013. Henry moved to Santa Cruz from San Jose to open his shop. Originally from South Africa, he’s also lived in Israel where he owned and operated a similar shop.

Henry calls his shop the wellness store, where one can come discover the magic of minerals. He says a lot of his customers come in to buy crystals for relief from various issues, fears and anxieties. He also carries many stones used for jewelry and pendants.

Henry travels globally every year to buy his array of stones and crystals. This year he will be traveling to Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, and India. Despite all of his travels, he finds Santa Cruz to be a wonderful community, and is very happy to be downtown.

“There’s no negative stuff here. Leave your mind outside and come in with your heart. We encourage you to touch and feel the different stones and crystals until you find the one that you feel attracted to.” -Henry

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