City to Unveil New Green Transit Option

SANTA CRUZ, April 1, 2015 – Long considered a hub of innovation in the surf, skate and tech industries, Santa Cruz is poised to add “green transportation gurus” to its civic resume. It was learned early this morning that plans for a new city-wide public transportation system will be unveiled in the coming months. The system has been designed to compliment the existing metro services, while incorporating the local flair for outdoor and adventure activities. The working name is CruZip, and consists of zip-lines connecting the major retail, residential, work and recreation hot-spots within the City of Santa Cruz. According to a member of the original think-tank behind the project, who asked to remain anonymous pending the public announcement, “It’s really a natural outgrowth of our desire to bypass traditional modes of transport while at the same time having fun. It’s the Santa Cruz way.”


Concerns about “sky congestion” have been addressed through research on cities that have utilized their airspace for similar uses for decades. The San Francisco Municipal Railway includes 300 electric trolleys powered by overhead lines, a sight that has become commonplace, and often considered iconic. Is Santa Cruz ready for this overhead web?Muni_trolleybus_wires_at_Haight “We’ve done some polling of locals and visitors, and honestly the promise of bypassing ground traffic outweighs any concerns for the aesthetics of the program. Plus people mentioned again and again how cool the views would be.”

Current zip stations are planned for Downtown Santa Cruz, UCSC, Steamer Lane, Mid Town and Natural Bridges. County officials are putting together an expansion plan to incorporate the Capitola Mall, Cabrillo College and the Rio del Mar Beach area. Expect to see a test roll-out from the Santa Cruz Mission to the Downtown Post Office.



When asked about safety issues, another point person for CruZip assured us that all appropriate measures would be taken to provide a safe, clean, and cruelty-free transportation experience. “And everyone in Santa Cruz already owns a bike helmet, so we’ve got that going for us.” And as far as traveling uphill on CruZip? “We have the most forward thinkers in the state working on this. They can think uphill as well as forward!”

The official public unveiling for this exciting project is planned for some time this summer. For more information, and to share your comments, please click HERE.