Kemitian Lounge
805 Pacific Ave. – 204-7885

Coming the week of August 1st, 2017

The Kemitian Lounge is an oasis for dreamers, planners, and doers couched in an Indie-Book lounge.

It’s a space for individuals, small groups, and teams who are absolutely committed to starting a journey and seeing it through to completion. If you are committed to bringing your dream to fruition, planning for its inevitable manifestation, and doing whatever it take to make it a reality while encouraging others to do the same, this is the group for you. However, understand, we are not talkers we are doers. If you are committed to building a socially conscious and responsible business based upon what you are truly passionate about, this group is for you. If you are absolutely, positively Resolved To Evolve, and are committed to evolve personally, professionally, spiritually, financially, physically and mentally, this group is for you. For those who have not committed to personal evolution in all facets of their life, we will be here for you when your time comes.
805 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
831 204 7885